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4/5 March 2006: The Scandinavian SciFi, Game and Film Convention (link to the English part of their website)

1-4 July 2006: The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto, Canada

You can order the documentary "The Middle-Earth Connection", for which Craig provided the narration, on DVD and video from
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25 February 2006
Good news for all people in North America! Craig was just announced for The Gathering of the Fellowship which will take place in July this year.

Thank you all for participating in the birthday project so far! :) After next week's con in Sweden there will be new and exciting things to do...
12 February 2006
The first auction is over! Thank you, everyone, for your help, and congratulations to the lucky winner. :)

And here comes the second auction. This time I need your help even more! Bid on an exclusive autograph by Elijah Wood! The deal is very much the same, I will get the autograph in Sweden. The starting bid is 35 (US$42) this time.

To make this one work I need you all to spread the word around the fandom. I don't have too many contacts in the Elijah fandom, so it would be really great if you could help me out here! :)
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